About ME and my ART

artworks of your own poweranimals by Sabine Koschi

I am, born 1965 in Munich, Architect, Artist, Therapist (Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie), Shaman and mother of two wonderful children.

I live and work in Kolbermoor, a small town near to nature and mountains, I am strongly linked to.

Nature is so amazingly diverse, rich in species and full of inspiration for us, being a part of it. Nature is everywhere. If we become aware of nature, even of the little things around us, we slow down, get recharched our own batteries and get deeply contented. By connecting with the spirits, that all creatures, plants, things and objects have, we get a better understanding of our current position in life.

The motives of my paintings are shamanic Poweranimals.

artworks of your own poweranimals by Sabine Koschi

I work with acrylic colours on canvas.

If you are interested in an artwork of 


specially made for you, according to your wishes,

here are some examples for the price, depending on the size (shipping excluded)

  • Format    40 x 40 cm / 30 x 50 cm                      550,- Euro
  • Format    60 x 60 cm / 50 x 70 cm                   1.100,- Euro
  • Format    80 x 80 cm / 70 x 90 cm                   1.900,- Euro
  • Format    80 x 100 cm / 60 x 120 cm               2.300,- Euro



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